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living benefits.  tax free retirement.  lifetime stream of income.

John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services is in the business of Accumulating, Protecting and Enhancing your wealth during your working years and in retirement. While you have spent your adult years working hard, saving money, and making the best investments you could for your retirement, you may not have planned for the complexities of retirement itself or considered the many ways in which your choices after retirement affect how long your retirement savings will last. In fact, the vast majority of retirement planners are not trained to understand and advise you on the best methods of wealth preservation after retirement.


There is an immense difference between Wealth Accumulation and Preserving That Wealth to not only let you live out your retirement goals but also last you for the rest of your life.

Our Financial Professionals are trained to work with our clients to do both through Safe Money Solutions that utilize products and services providing:


  • Upside Potential With Guarantees

  • Downside Protection Against Market Downturn

  • Lifetime Stream of Income

  • Tax Free Retirement

  • Life Insurance With Living Benefits



Business Owners

Baby Boomers

"Achieve your immediate and future financial goals for you and your children."

"Protect the most important assets in your organization."

"Preserve your retirement assets and leave a legacy."

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