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Simple.  Protected.  Guaranteed.

At John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services, we employ financial strategies that incorporate secure investment solutions, utilizing vehicles that offer:

  • Upside potential with guarantees,

  • Downside protection against market downturns,

  • Lifetime streams of income,

  • Tax-free retirement,

  • Living benefits,

  • Business planning solutions,

  • College education funding, and

  • Mortgage protection.

Our team of financial professionals are dedicated to educating our clients on how to attain their financial goals through the use of guaranteed insurance contracts, such as Indexed Annuities, and a range of life insurance products, including Indexed Universal Life (IUL).



  1. "When the stock market goes up, you go up with it"

  2. "Your gains are annually locked in."

  3. "If the stock market experiences a decline, your investment is not affected."

  4. "You will receive tax-deferred, compound interest based on the index's performance."

  5. "Cash value life insurance offers tax-free distributions."

  6. "Life insurance policies with living benefits provide coverage for a range of medical conditions, including terminal illness, chronic illness, critical illness, disability income, and long-term care."

Learn About Safe Money Solutions For Retirement

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