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Most Powerful Retirement Plan in America

100% Tax Free Income

Lifetime Income

No Losses Guaranteed

100% Safe

Completely Private

No Contribution Limits

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In the context of retirement planning and asset allocation, it is important to consider whether to invest in tax-deferred or tax-free options, as well as the potential downside risk of the stock market. For instance, individuals may opt for a tax-free retirement plan that offers no downside market risk rather than a tax-deferred retirement plan with a high degree of risk. At John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services, we believe that many individuals would prefer such a plan, but are often unaware of its availability.

The impact of market downturns on retirement savings can be significant, as evidenced by the Great Recession of 2007-2012. During this period, millions of Baby Boomers suffered significant losses in their retirement funds, just as they were preparing to retire. Additionally, taxes can further erode retirement savings, particularly when they are held in tax-deferred, 100% market risk financial instruments, such as 401(k)s or Traditional IRAs. As a result, our objective is to raise awareness of the potential benefits of tax-free, no downside risk retirement plans to help individuals make more informed decisions about their retirement savings.

Given the impact of the Great Recession, which led to the postponement or reduction of retirement plans for numerous Baby Boomers, contemporary members of the workforce have sought an improved approach to cultivating their retirement funds. This "Better Way" involves the provision of a financial instrument that offers the following features:

  1. Potential for Positive Returns with Guaranteed Protection

  2. Safeguards Against Market Downturns

  3. Guaranteed Lifetime Income Upon Retirement.

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There exist four significant elements presently that hold potential to influence retirement prospects, namely:

  • Social Security

  • The National Debt

  • Taxes

  • The Stock Market


A crucial measure towards achieving retirement objectives is acknowledging the risk factors that can impede one's capacity to retire as planned. By staying mindful of these four risk factors, one can improve the likelihood of accumulating the necessary funds for a comfortable retirement.

"The Tax Exemption for life insurance is the single biggest benefit in the tax code."

-Ed Slott, CPA

Social Security

The combination of rising medical costs, higher life expectancies, and the number of baby-boomers who file for Social Security every day is quickly making our Social Security system unsustainable.


As of 2017 we will begin paying out more in benefits than we collect in taxes.

National Debt

The "official" national debt is over $31 trillion, but the "real" national debt which includes all unfunded liabilities (which include Social Security and Medicare) is currently more than $182 trillion.


The national debt has been growing at a rate of $1-2 trillion each year for the past 5 years. That is over $395,000 for every man, woman and child in America and over $1 million per tax-payer.


For more information on the United States National Debt, click here.


In order to address the substantial national debt and fulfill our obligations to the social security system, the U.S. government must consider either reducing expenditures or augmenting revenue streams. It remains uncertain which approach will be taken.


A significant number of Americans hold the view that the government is unlikely to curtail spending, and will instead opt to raise taxes, as has occurred in prior times of economic strife. As demonstrated by historical data, tax rates have reached levels as high as 94%. Given the present top marginal tax rate of approximately 39%, it appears highly probable that an increase in tax rates will be necessary to tackle the issue of our significant national debt.


Stock Market

Between August 2007 and February 2009, the S&P 500 experienced a decline of 48%, resulting in the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars from pension and retirement plans. The impact of this significant loss of wealth was particularly devastating for those who were near or at retirement age. Overnight, the retirement funds of Baby Boomers experienced a nearly 50% decrease in value, compelling millions of individuals to reconsider their retirement plans and continue working.

The reason for this unfortunate circumstance is the lack of awareness about products that can mitigate risk in retirement portfolios. Had individuals been informed about these products, the impact of the financial crisis may have been minimized, and the adverse effects on their retirement plans could have been averted.

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When planning for retirement using traditional methods such as 401k, IRA, and pensions, numerous key factors that affect retirement must be considered. However, it is possible to eliminate one or two of these factors depending on whether you are working with pre-tax or after-tax funds.

The graph presented depicts the actual returns of the S&P 500 from September 2000 to December 2018, alongside a Risk Protection product with a 0% Floor and a 12% cap represented by the blue line. The Risk Protection product was able to eliminate all negative years due to the 0% floor, and while the 12% cap limits the benefit from market gains, it still outperformed the S&P 500.

By investing $100,000 into the Risk Protection product instead of directly into the S&P 500, the difference after 18 years would be $66,990, with a total of $313,497 for the Risk Protection product and $246,507 for the S&P 500.

The Risk Protection product eliminates two critical factors that affect retirement, namely stock market volatility and taxes. You have the choice of entrusting your hard-earned retirement money into a vehicle that exposes you to the opportunity of participating in 100% of all gains and losses, or allocating your funds to a vehicle that protects you from all risk with a 0% floor and allows you to participate in market-like gains with a 12% cap.


What is this Risk Protection product? It is an insurance product that guarantees upside potential, provides protection against market downturns, and enables tax-free retirement.

This product is called Indexed Universal Life (IUL).

Tax Free Retirement With Indexed Universal Life (IUL)

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Tax Free Retirement is a savings strategy that utilizes Indexed Universal Life as a financial instrument to achieve several benefits. With this approach, one can create a tax-free retirement and leverage the upside potential of the market while mitigating the risk of market downturns, thus ensuring safety of principal. Additionally, this strategy offers peace of mind by placing one's retirement funds in one of the safest savings vehicles available today.


Properly funding this approach can lead to a guaranteed lifetime stream of income, while also providing heirs with an instant estate that is tax-free. Finally, Indexed Universal Life offers full living benefits, which means that policyholders can access their benefits in the event of a chronic, critical, or terminal illness or disability.

Option #2:

Buy ONE IUL policy with LIVING BENEFITS that covers all of these areas with one low premium vs. FIVE individual policies with FIVE individual premiums. PLUS, cash value distributions are TAX FREE!

Option #1: Buy 5 individual policies to cover all of these areas (which is very expensive)

In addition to the Tax Free Retirement benefits, the IUL product offers a comprehensive solution that covers Critical Illness, Chronic Illness, Terminal Illness, Disability, and Retirement in a single policy, eliminating the need for multiple policies that can be costly. This approach also allows the insured to access the death benefit while still alive, which we refer to as "Life Insurance You Don't Have To Die To Use". These benefits are categorized as "Living Benefits", combining Tax Free Retirement and Living Benefits in one policy to provide a well-rounded solution. This approach offers the best of both worlds for our clients.

Presented below is a comparative analysis of the conventional method of financing your retirement, which employs pre-tax dollars and offers tax deferral, and the alternative method proposed by John Nunes Financial, which employs after-tax dollars and provides tax-free benefits. Based on the analysis, which approach would you prefer - Tax Deferred or Tax Free?

Tax Deferred Retirement


Limits The Amount of Money You Can Contribute Towards Retirement


No Early Access To Your Money Before The Age of 59 1/2 Without 10% IRS Penalty & Applicable Federal and State Income Taxes


Accounts Funded Through Stocks or Mutual Funds Subjects You To ALL Inherent Market Risks Including Market Losses


Subjects You To Taxes On ALL Monies Deferred Plus Taxes On ALL Gains Which Could Push You Into A Much Higher Tax Bracket At Retirement


Forces You To Begin Taking Distributions No Later Than Age 70 ½ Whether or Not You Want To


Subjects Your Social Security To Increased Taxation Since Distributions Are Treated As Additional Income


Subjects Your Heirs Up To 50% or More In Taxes Upon Your Death, AND The Amount Available To Them Is Based On The What Is Left In Your Account At That Time


Retirement Accounts Are Vulnerable To Judgments or Liens

Tax Free Retirement


No Limitations On The Amount of Money You Can Contribute Towards Retirement


Allows Access To Your Money At Anytime Without Taxes or Penalties


Gives You Access To Market-like Returns With No Market Risk AND Guarantees You Will NEVER Take a Market Loss


Provides Tax Free Income At Retirement


Allows You To Decide If AND When You Would Like To Take Distributions


Does NOT Subject Your Social Security To Additional Taxation Since Distributions Are Considered "Loans"


Provides a 100% Income Tax Free, Lump Sum Payment To Your Family At The Time of Your Death


Protects Your Retirement Accounts From Judgments or Liens (In Most States)


You pay tax on 100% of all monies deferred plus taxes on all gains in the taxed deferred account at the time of distribution at retirement



Since you used after-tax monies to fund this account, it provides 100% tax free income since distributions are considered loans.



How an IUL Works

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Business Owners

There are Business Owners who have tax-qualified retirement plans in which they participate, but the majority of Business Owners have no retirement plan either for themselves or their employees. Here are some of the reasons:


-  In the early years of opening the business, money is tight so they do not start saving right away


-  They usually are left to fend for themselves since no one in the financial community is pursuing their business


-  They place themselves last on their list when it comes to getting paid from their business


-  Their business typically starts substantially in debt which eats into their profits and leaves little for savings


-  They are too busy running their business that they find they have no time to research possible savings opportunities


-  They find that they cannot create a tax-qualified plan for themselves without creating one for their employees


Here are the reasons why Tax Free Retirement is The Right Choice For Business Owners:


-  They have a need for life insurance to cover their business debt and to take care of their families if they should die. Many Business Owners are very much under-insured which leaves their families and businesses at risk for financial catastrophe.


-  Even though their businesses usually provide more than enough tax deductions during their accumulation years, once they sell their business or retire many Business Owners find themselves with little or nothing left in the way of tax write-offs. This maximizes their need for tax-advantaged income at retirement.


-  Because life insurance is not a tax-qualified plan, there is NO government requirement for Business Owners to set up a similar plan for their employees.


-  There are NO limits to the amount that can be saved within a life insurance contract, other than what the contract itself specifies. This allows a Business Owner the flexibility to deposit varied amounts from year to year, including lump sum deposits.


-  There are absolutely NO additional record keeping or tax forms necessary which makes it simple and easy for busy Business Owners.


-  It provides the heirs of the Business Owner with instant liquidity should the Business Owner decide to keep the business until his or her death.


To schedule an appointment on how to get started with your Tax Free Retirement, contact John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services today!


Here are the reasons why Tax Free Retirement Is the right choice For Physicians:


-  Many Physicians make more than $160,000/year which means that they are not eligible to contribute to a Roth IRA. That makes life insurance the only existing TAX FREE retirement option available to them.


-  Physicians are specialists who work countless hours to master their areas of expertise to serve their patients. Their focus and dedication to their profession often leaves them with little or no time to focus on retirement planning.


-  Physicians have a high level of discretionary income and since they are ethical professionals, they tend to assume that other industry professionals are as well. Physicians are often chosen as the targets for questionable investment opportunities by unethical "professionals" in the investment arena.


-  Physicians generally need a lot of life insurance for these reasons: - They need to protect a large income for their families - They usually carry a high level of debt from medical school, internships & residencies - They have the lowest life expectancy of any profession


To schedule an appointment on how to get started with your Tax Free Retirement, contact John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services today!


Every Business Owner is always looking for ways to improve their ability to attract and retain their top talent. What if you, as a Business Owner, could offer your employees a retirement plan that:


-  You did not have to make contributions to


-  You did not have to administer


-  Were not liable for


-  Had no downside risk


-  Had the potential to provide better than market returns


-  Was TAX FREE and not TAX DEFERRED at distribution?


As a Business Owner / Employer, one of the key factors potential new employees always take into consideration when looking at your company is your employee benefits plan. Once they become your employee, it is not uncommon for them at the time of the benefits renewal period to be looking for some sort of improvement or enhancement to that plan.


If your company currently offers an employee benefits plan that includes medical coverage, most likely you are not able to make any improvements because of the ever-increasing health care costs. More often than not, you find yourself forced to reduce benefit levels and/or lower your contribution percentage to control costs. Taking all of this into consideration, there are two other main key components within most employee benefits plans you can improve:




John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services can assist you with these options which include no additional costs, no additional liabilities, and without any inconveniences for you, the Business Owner.


If your company currently does not offer an employee benefits plan even though you would like to offer one, it is almost a certainty that you probably have lost far too many of your top talent to companies in your industry that do offer an employee benefits plan. With Tax Free Retirement, you eliminate the perception that company paid life insurance or a 401(k) is an employee benefit most employees look for when choosing an employer. John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services specializes in Tax Free Retirement for employees and we provide a retirement option that guarantees absolutely NO market risk while taking care of their life insurance and their retirement needs. We do this with no additional costs, no additional liabilities, and without any inconveniences for you, the Business Owner.


To bring Tax Free Retirement to your employees, John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services provides Tax Free Retirement workshops at your workplace. Our one hour workshops include the following:


-  A complete overview of the strategies that comprise Tax-Free Retirement


-  Q&A Session to address any and all questions regarding Tax Free Retirement


-  After the workshop, each employee will have an opportunity to schedule a one-on-one appointment with a John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services professional to design their own personal Tax Free Retirement plan.


To schedule your complimentary one hour Tax Free Retirement workshop, contact John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services today!

Tax Qualified Plan Contributors | High Income Earners

Tax Free Retirement may be the right option for you to consider if you answer YES to two or more of the following questions:


-  I want to receive Tax Free income during my retirement


-  I have a need for life insurance


-  I want to save more per year than a Roth IRA allows


-  I currently contribute more to my tax-qualified plan than what my company matches


-  I contribute to a deferred compensation plan


-  I make more than $125,000/year


-  I want to benefit from upside potential in the market without the risk of market downturn


If you are ready to start your personal Tax Free Retirement Plan, contact John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services today!

Children | Grandchildren

Starting a Tax Free Retirement Plan for Children & Grandchildren allows you the following:


-  To Be Remembered:   Would you like to be remembered for giving your child or grandchild a gift he or she could never duplicate? A gift that will produce a harvest long after you are gone?


-The Gift of Time:  Three variables you deal with while planning for retirement are: - Amounts of Contribution - Growth Rate - TIME and the power of Compounded Interest


If you are ready to leave a legacy for your children/grandchildren, contact John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services today!

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