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Plan Today. Protect Tomorrow. Leave a Legacy...

There are countless examples of people whose lives have been forever changed by circumstances beyond their control. Hear how these survivors have persevered, and the valuable lessons they’ve learned. The following is a series of short videos that will give you a quick overview of how life insurance helped real families when they needed the help the most, whether it was Disability Income, Living Benefits, Retirement Income, or Life Insurance Death Benefit proceeds to protect your family or business.


The important thing to know is that Life Insurance can only help when you have it. Some of the biggest reasons many people do not have life insurance is Procrastination, and a false belief that it Costs Too Much. At John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services, we can help you TODAY! Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE & CONSULTATION!


Real Stories. Real Life...

Nicolas Virgen

Real Stories. Real Life...

Hesitant at first, Nicolas Virgen talked with his insurance agent about the importance of life insurance. After the tragic loss of his wife, Teresa, in an automobile accident, Nicolas used the benefits from his life insurance policy to help with everyday living expenses. See how Nicolas continues to take care of his family and how life insurance helped. For more information, contact John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services today.

John Butcher

Real Stories. Real Life...

John's wife, Cara, who was a Benefits Coordinator, talked with her insurance agent about presenting life insurance to her employer as a Voluntary Benefit. After getting approval to have her insurance agent meet with the employees, Cara herself purchased additional life insurance. But just a few months later, Cara lost her life due to a cardiac episode. After the tragic loss of his wife, John used the benefits from her life insurance policy to help with everyday living expenses and his own medical expenses. See how John continues to take care of his family and how life insurance helped. For more information, contact John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services today.

Ken Howell

Real Stories. Real Life...

Ken Howell was a business owner with his good friend, Jeff Moses. Both had a passion for racing cars and this business was their baby. To protect the interest of the business, each partner purchased life insurance through a Key Man program. When Jeff tragically lost his life in a plane crash, Ken was able to use the life insurance benefit proceeds to not only keep the business afloat, but to bring in a highly qualified key employee to help run and maintain the business. For more information, contact John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services today.

Tracy Basden

Real Stories. Real Life...

Eddie Basden, a single father, owned life insurance but dropped it when money was tight. Sadly, Eddie died when his children were still teenagers, leaving them in a precarious financial situation. Through hard work and determination, Tracy and Matthew Basden have persevered. But their journey has been much harder than it would have been had their father held onto his life insurance coverage.


To ensure this scenario does not happen to you, contact John Nunes Financial & Insurance Services today.










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